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Cellar Spider Infestation

Cellar Spider Infestation – Get rid of Cellar Spiders 

Are you seeing a lot of spiders in your home? May be you see them lurking in the corners of your windows between the screen and glass or suspended from the ceiling. It does not matter the amount of spider you are seeing, a cellar spider infestation is a nightmare, one that you need to get rid of immediately.

There are species of spiders that are poisonous; a single bite from these species of spiders can lead to serious health problems.

To understand how to deal with spider infestation in your home, let’s take a look at how the infestation occurs in the first place especially in the case of cellar spiders.

What is a Cellar Spider?

Cellar spiders (Pholcidae) are nicknamed Daddy Long Legs because of their distinctive skinny, long legs and a very small body. These types of spiders prefer to lurk in a damp environment such as crawlspaces, basements, attics, closets, warehouses and even pantries. In certain cases, you can found cellar spiders living outside in areas such as rock piles or caves.

Cellar spiders vary in sizes, their sizes range from 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Another noticeable feature of this type of spider is that they come in different colors that include tan, pale yellow, gray, and light brown.

Over 20 species of cellar spiders live in the United States. They can be categorized as short-bodied or long-bodied spider depending on their size.

One spectacular thing with their appearance is their legs; the short-bodied cellar spiders have legs that are approximately 5/6 inches long. On the other hands, the long-bodied cellar spiders have considerable small legs, their legs are approximately 2 inches long. They often build their webs in corners and hang upside down waiting for an unlucky insect to wander into the webs.

How long do Cellar Spiders live?

Cellar spiders will live for about 2-3 years. They need about 1 year to grow and reach maturity.

Do Cellar Spiders bite?

Cellar spiders have a scary look, but no need to get scared because unlike the black widow, a cellar spider is not poisonous. They lack the strength to actually bite humans. However, there is some urban myth that says the cellar spider is among the most deadly in the world but a scientific investigation of these spiders shows that their fangs are not long enough to deliver the venom during a bite. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to support that cellar spiders deliver deadly venoms.

Just because they don’t inject venom doesn’t mean they cannot harm you in other ways. A cellar spider infestation can make your home look like a haunted house; they love making a mess with their large webs which can be really annoying and unsightly. Cellar spider infestations mostly occur when your home has a good number of other types of insects. They are seen as nuisance pests. Once these spiders trap an insect in their web, they will abandon that web and create another one thereby making the mess of your space.

What do Cellar Spiders eat?

Cellar spiders prefer to eat small flies, mosquitoes, moths and other insects or even other spiders that are near their webs. The young cellar spider reaches maturity in about one year or thereabout. The adult ones can live as long as two years.

What this means is that if an adult cellar spider is in your home, if you don’t get rid of it immediately, you could be spending the next two years of your life with it and of course with cellar spider babies too. Cellar spiders are lazy, they don’t travel far to look for food. Their webs are made in irregular and no discernible pattern. Their webs are very unsightly. This type of spiders like to live in a community; what we mean is that unlike other spiders, these ones prefer to live in close proximity of one another creating what looks like an ugly spider communities within your home.

It is proper to point out that cellar spiders are very adaptive and successful predators. They come easily adapt anywhere in your home that is damp and feeds on insects by luring and trapping them within their webs and then later encase them in cocoons.

Cellar Spiders are very tricky, some see them as smart, what these spiders do when they found themselves in an environment where there is insufficient food is that they go to other webs and pretend to be trapped insects. When other spiders try to catch and eat them, they will attack the unsuspecting arachnid and eat them instead. They fend off their attackers by using wobbly, vibrating movements to confuse them.

Infestations of Cellar Spiders

A cellar spider infestation is really a nightmare. They can make you consider moving out of your house if you don’t have the right treatment to get rid of them for a really long time. Cellar spiders are not harmful, they don’t even bite humans but when they infest your home, it can be a very challenging task to get rid of them. If there is a lot of cellar spiders in your home, you have two choices to get rid of them – you can utilize chemical control or non-chemical control.

How to Get Rid of Cellar Spiders

The best way to get rid of cellar spiders is to call a professional Pest Control Company to help you get rid of the pest. If you choose to do it yourself, you may not achieve the right result that you need to eliminate them for a very long time. A professional company will help you identify the reason for the infestations in the first place.They know the right chemicals to use and the places to target in order to ensure that they get rid of both adult and young cellar spiders. When you call a Professional Pest Control Company, they can either use a chemical or non-chemical method to get rid of the cellar spider infestation. Let’s take a short look at how these two methods work:

Non-chemical Cellar Spider Control

When there is a huge cellar spider infestation in your home and you want to ensure that you get rid of them for a very long time, start by removing the webs with a vacuum or broom. When you are done removing all the webs from both visible and hidden places including under the cabinets, chairs, and attics, take a step to get rid of other insects that are currently in your home.

Cellar spiders are mostly attracted by the presence of small insects in your home, this is because they feed on them and it is easier for them to make a home in an environment where they feel that there is a constant food source. Make sure that you keep your home very clean, reduce the humidity and change the exterior white lightning with sodium vapor lightning. Another step to take is by sealing the cracks that exist in your foundations, doors, and widows to keep cellar spiders out.

How to kill Cellar Spiders – Chemical Control

This is the type of control that is mostly utilized by a Pest Control Company. Of course, professional pest control officers that know what they are doing will first apply the nonchemical control before engaging in chemical control.
Chemical control involves using of certain types of insecticides to eliminate cellar spiders and control the cellar spider infestation in your home. Note that even with the best insecticides, you still need to practice good hygiene or else the spiders will return in no time.

Top 10 Ways to get rid of a Cellar Spider Infestation

If you are experiencing cellar spider infestation, these 10 methods will help you get rid of them. They can also help you to rid of other kinds of spiders like Wolf Spiders or Brown Recluse Spider.

1. Seal up Cracks In Your Home

Cellar spiders love staying in cracks in doors and windows. Ensure you seal all cracks and holes leading from the outside in order to prevent them coming into your home. You can use caulk to patch up large gaps that exist in closed windows and doors. If there are torn windows screen, replace or fix them immediately. Sealing up all the cracks in your home both big and tiny ways will make it difficult for spiders to enter your home in first place.

2. Keep Outdoor Lights off

Cellar spiders are attracted most time by the availability of food. Outdoor lights attract insects which serve as food to spiders. Cellar spiders tend to go where there is food. You can as well ensure that you block lights from shining through your windows using opaque shades.

3. Keep Vegetation some Distance Away From your House

Vegetation attracts cellar spiders since they can use it as a hiding spot. If there are vegetations close to your house, consider moving them some distance away. Also, remove every stone, mulch or debris close to your house.

4. Keep your House Clean

The more you clean your house the fewer places spiders will have to hide. Clean your house regularly, get rid of leftover foods and food crumbs lying around since they attract other insects, which, in turn, attracts cellar spiders.

5. Vacuum spider webs

Whenever you spot a web or egg sacs, vacuum them immediately. You can dedicate one day in a week, maybe during the weekends to search all the corners and possible spider hiding places and vacuum them. Doing this at least once or twice a month will keep your home free of cellar spiders.

6. Use a Residual Insecticide

Use a commercial pesticide that contains some form of pyrethroid to spray all the corners and cracks in your home. Be careful when spraying your home to avoid poisoning your own foods. Note that your insecticide will only kill spiders if they manage to drag themselves through the chemical after it is sprayed.

7. Call Spider Exterminator

There are professional Pest Control Companies that can help you get rid of spiders if there is a serious cellar spider infestation in your home. One benefit of using professionals is that they can apply a stronger chemical to get rid of spiders. Moreover, professionals are trained to observe safety measures while spraying your home.

8. Place Chestnuts Around Spider Hiding Places

It is believed that chestnuts act as spider repellent, keeping chestnuts and walnuts in possible spider hiding places will help to keep them away. However, there is no current scientific evidence to back this theory up. Note: Chestnuts are more effective when you split them up or poke holes in them to release their odor.

9. Spray Your Home With Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil has a strong smell that will get spiders running away from your home and you get rid of an extisting cellar spider infestation. Mix 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil with water in your standard spray bottle and spray all the cracks and corners of your home. If you cannot tolerate the smell of peppermint oil, you can use eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil as they have the same effect as peppermint oil.

10. Use Vinegar To Get Rid of Cellar Spiders

Vinegar contains acetic acid; this acid is believed to be so strong against cellar spiders and can kill them upon contact. To use vinegar to get rid of spiders, mix equal parts of white vinegar with water in a standard spray bottle. Spray the mixture in any area in your home where spiders gather. You can as well keep small dishes of vinegar in dark corners in your home to scare cellar spiders away.


A cellar spider infestation can mess up your home, but there are many ways for effective spider control around the house and inside your home. Although these spiders are not harmful or poisonous but they can turn your home into a haunted house if you don’t get rid of them. They live in a cluster which enables them to form large webs within a short period of time. You may find it difficult if you want to get rid of them on your own. The steps outlined above will help you to get rid of them but if you really want to do enough damage against the infestations and keep them away for a long time, contact professional pest control companies to help you get rid of them the right way.

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