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Pest Identifier App

Pest Identifier App – Review

Pest Identifier App

Pest Identifier
Pest Identifier


iOS 6.1 +

The Good

Pest Identifier certainly tackles a niche issue by allowing users to order a photo identification of a pest for a small fee. The app also includes a database of common pests so that photo verification isn’t always necessary.
Pests are even organized by categories including household, stinging, and wood destroying so that the user knows what kind of pest they are up against.
When an insect is selected in the app, the user can even read more information regarding its appearance, eating patterns, and noises, in order to verify its identity.

The Bad

At $2.99 per pest identification the app has to compete with all many online forums where expert information regarding insect identification is provided for free.
The app offers a 48 hour turnaround Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time – so it may take too long for some urgent requests.
The app’s database of existing insects could be larger, but it covers the most common household pest.


The Pest Identifier app is a good service-oriented idea and offers a solution to users who are unable to identify a given insect.
However, its slow turnaround time doesn’t promise an instant solution and its business hours certainly don’t help alleviate the problem.
Combined with a generic user interface and a small existing database of insects, the app certainly has room for further improvement.
So it might be also a good idea to look at another insect app and compare their identification services.

Full Review

  • Pest Identifier Screenshot
  • Pest Identifier Screenshot

Upon opening the Pest Identifier App, users are welcomed with a bland page offering information about Arizona Pest Control and ways to contact them. When a user selects the AZPest.com button on the opening page, they are presented with the Company’s website.

If a user clicks on the Gallery tab, they are presented with the app’s existing database of insects in a table view. Nevertheless, the gallery does include pictures of insects sorted by category so that users can attempt to identify an insect without paying for an expert’s opinion. Upon clicking on a pest in the galley, the user is taken to a page that offers information regarding the particular insect’s length, eating habits, sounds, appearance, and additional information.

If a user doesn’t find their insect in the database, they can click the middle button on the tab bar to take a picture of the insect and send it to pest identification experts for a fee of $2.99. After taking the picture, users are prompted to input their contact details, and are then taken to a payment page. The app currently promises to reply to such paid insect identification requests within 48 hours Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM PST.

When users click on the Blog tab of the app, the Company’s insect articles are presented, and a mobile browser is launched if an article is selected.

The app also includes a social media page in which users can access reviews in addition to the Company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Pest Identifier
Pest Identifier

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